May 21

Getting a Divorce in Florida Without Children.

A divorce can be a sad time for many, and not so sad for some others. Getting a divorce in Florida without kids. Either way, it's a process in Florida that takes time and has different rules for specific circumstances when it comes to filing for divorce. When children are in the picture, it can make things a bit more complicated. But what can one expect when they file for divorce in Florida, and NO children are involved?

If both parties are in agreement and have decided to split property, assets, and debts; then you may qualify for a "simplified" divorce. This is the most inexpensive way to get a divorce in Florida, and the main requirements are that are no biological or adopted children under 18, and the wife is not pregnant. This is the best route to take if matters are discussed beforehand as well. That means like stated before, all property/assets/debts/etc. are divided equally, or certain things were agreed upon without the use of an attorney or divorce trial.

If it becomes more complicated, then couples will have to file for Florida's second option for divorce; Regular Dissolution of Marriage. This comes into play when there are children involved, and custody becomes an issue. It's also the option for when lawyers need to be brought in when couples can't agree on individual items to be split between them.

When the last option is to file for divorce, and no children are in the picture, it can be a simple and inexpensive process in Florida. Former partners being civil in times of divorce can make everything a lot smoother and go by a lot quicker, and with a lot more money left in both their wallets!

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