June 6

How can I get back child support that is owed?

Most parents agree that even in a divorce, the number one priority is the best interest of the children, and to guarantee that the child support arrangement offers adequate financial security.

The State of Florida has specific guidelines to determine the amount of child support that is ordered and various ways of obtaining the payment from the responsible party.

When your attorney presents your case to the judge, the judge will take into consideration the following factors:

  • The income of both parents
  • The time-sharing schedule (how many overnights the child has with each parent)
  • Child care expenses paid by both parents
  • Health care expenses paid by both parents

If child support has been ordered and the responsible party falls behind or ignores their financial responsibility, it is imperative to have the matter brought back before the judge. This can be done by asking the judge to find the responsible party in contempt of court and violation of the standing court order. The judge can then order that the responsible party pays a purge amount toward what is owed, and have their wages garnished for future payments. In some cases, the judge will order the responsible party be incarcerated until a purge amount is paid.